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Customer service is paramount to our business here at Gary’s Lock & Safe. Being in business for 30+ years in the Saint Cloud and Kissimmee area, we’ve become very familiar with the security needs of our local customers. With so many security systems and solutions on the market, it’s hard for our valued customers to make an educated decision without the aid of local locksmith service. Starting this Spring, our team is offering 100% FREE security consultation.




Ensure your security practices!


Our team of expert locksmiths is proud to give our customers complete control over their space. We're thrilled to aid you and your team in our access control best practices.

Entry & Access Control Audit

During your security consultation with a certified locksmith on our team, they will be able to provide feedback on your current security measures along with offering recommendations based on current market technology and more general safety best practices.

Fire Safety & Compliance

Our bonded and insured locksmiths are able to leverage their experience to ensure your employees are given the best chance to escape a dire situation successfully and quickly.

Hiring a local locksmith who understands your exact requirements can save a huge headache!

Lock & Code Compliance

For large access control environments, it’s crucial to make sure the proper steps have been taken to ensure you are within code compliance.

Regardless of the business, you run or its location your building must meet these accessibility standards to operate within compliance.

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